Placement Consultancy

What is Placement Consultancy?

Placement Consultancy refers to the process where a company requests candidates from Placement Consultancy Firm for one or more job profiles. In accordance with that placement consultancy firm provides the company with its finest candidates it has.

Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing

Recruitment is no longer just concerned with matching a candidate’s qualification and experience with the job description. It’s also about providing the right candidate at right time. This is the cornerstone of our placement consultancy service to our clients.

We do not rely on existing databases or online sources for locating potential recruits. But we leverage our own extensive network and contacts built over the years. To help us find a suitable candidate and deliver a top-notch recruit for our client within the timeline.

Recruits will be available for permanent staffing. There will be a one-time payment for getting the recruit for the company. Which would be paid by the company once the recruit is hired(T &C Apply.

We specialize in Junior Middle, Senior, and Top-level Management recruitment Solutions

Executive Search

Good Leaders always lead to an organization’s growth. Finding a good leader who will lead the team and support the success and growth of the organization is an uphill task. We take this challenge to get an appropriate leader for your organization head-on.

At first, we study your organization and the role of that particular job profile in your organization. This makes our search more precise with all the key aspects in mind.

Thus, we are able to bring the best candidates for executive posts using our network and market research.

IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment

We at Saraswati Dot Com specialize in providing top-notch skilled IT manpower resources in various domains. As per the specific requirements of our clients, we look for the most proficient manpower across the whole gamut of professional experience, from entry-level to top-level positions.

These days various organizations are looking for IT professionals for the spectrum of technology roles. Roles may vary from web technologies, database, ERP, cybersecurity to product development.

Our highly specialized team that handles IT recruitment has over 20years of experience in understanding the specific needs of our clients.

Therefore, finding the candidates in a short span and starting with the initial screening, providing a pool of potential candidates that suit the business requirement within the given timeline is a piece of cake for them.

Here are a few profiles that we usually hire:

Non-IT Recruitment

Non-IT Recruitment

The right skilled people with the right attitude and behavioral factors are the backbone of any organization. These types of assets can make your organization reach new heights.

At Saraswati Dot Com we follow a professional recruitment approach that comes from years of recruitment experience. Be rest assured you will get the best candidates to fill your organization and play a vital role in its success.

Here are a few profiles that we usually hire for the Non-IT sectors:

  • Finance and Accounts
  • HR and Administration
  • Procurement/Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Engineering/ Project Management
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Civil/Electrical/Mechanical Engineer
  • Sales and Marketing Head/ASM/BDM/ Managers / Executives
  • Quality Control/ Quality Assurance/Microbiologists
  • Legal/Business Development
  • Corporate Heads for all Departments
  • Network Engineer/ Field Engineer/Product Manager /Operation Manager

Why Should you Choose Placement Consultancy?

  • Reduction of company workload
  • Saves time
  • Reference check not needed
  • Free replacement
  • Better coordination with the employee
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