Payroll Solutions

What do you Understand by the Term Payroll Solutions?

Payroll Solutions refers to the situation where clients don’t wish to manage the monthly payment of their staff due to lack of time or wish to focus more on the mainstream work. Therefore, to manage the payment of their staff they hire a third-party payroll solution consultancy to do this work for them.

Features that come along with Payroll Solutions

Features that come along with Payroll Solutions
  • Direct Deposit to multiple accounts.
  • Standard and client-developed reports.
  • Multiple states and locality processing.
  • Complete paycheck calculation.
  • Accountant-friendly reporting.
  • Comprehensive electronic payroll tax service.
  • Laser signatures on live checks.
  • Employee benefit reporting.
  • Web-based employee self-service.
  • State new hire reporting

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll of your Employees?

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